How badly forests are affected by the paper industry.

Vast swatches of rainforest have been chopped down to supply the pulp and paper industry. Typically valuable trees are harvested first. The forest is then leveled with remaining trees sent to a mill where they are chipped into pulp, which is either exported or turned into paper. The cleared land is then planted with eucalyptus […]

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Paper Products Aid Deforestation

Deforestation and the Role of Paper Products by Phil Covington on Tuesday, Sep 24th, 2013 (originally published at Great ideas are started on paper. The world is educated on paper. Businesses are founded on paper. Love is professed on paper. Important news is spread on paper. Justice is rendered on paper. Rights are guaranteed […]

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A useful but wasteful product

With the improvement in technology and the advent of the printing press and the mechanical harvesting of wood, disposable paper became more affordable for the average consumer. This resulted in a drastic increase in consumption and of course, waste – which all contributed to Paper Pollution. It is estimated that 40% of the waste in […]

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Introduction To Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene is a polymer plastic that is a member of the ‘polyolefin’ (polymers produced from alkenes) family. It is a highly versatile material that has many beneficial physical properties, and most importantly it is also recyclable. In chemical terms, it is a linear hydrocarbon polymer, with little unsaturation. The addition of a methyl group on […]

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Plastic and the Environment

Plastics are used throughout the world for a broad number of reasons. Although plastic is certainly a globally important product, there are many environmental concerns associated with its use. Impacting the Environment One of the positive characteristics of plastic is the fact that it is durable. Unfortunately, this is not a positive characteristic when it […]

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