Gaia is a product line of bags that utilize the degradable nature of Polypropylene, with an almost invisible carbon footprint, create an environmentally friendly, multi-purpose bag. Gaia bags are every bit as functional as they are responsible. They feature incredible tensile strength, an unparalleled flexibility, incredible durability for anything as light as a shoe or something as heavy as a household’s cement supply.

In comparison to Paper, Plastic or Polypropylene Gaia bags are more durable, have better weather resistance, do not endanger plants and trees to produce, are stronger, reusable, highly recyclable and thanks to Syntronics’ hermetic sealing, avoids potentially toxic glues and bonding agents. All of which make it the perfect solution for going green, without compromising on function.

Gaia contracts the ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing plant Syntronics, in Hattar Industrial Estate, KPK – one of the largest AD*STAR®, Polypropylene Laminated Block Bottomed Valve sacks supplier in the world. Gaia engages manufacturers operating State-of-The-Art equipment, powered by industry leading design and innovative processes, boasting a colossal client base featuring a veritable who’s who spanning the globe.

The Gaia Process

Gaia Bags are every bit as technically sophisticated as they are environmentally conscious. The process behind what takes the Gaia bag from a simple Polypropylene granule to one of the most versatile, yet environmentally friendly, product on Earth is sight to behold. Read more to find out how cutting edge technology coupled with industry leading processes lies behind the Gaia bag.

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